LUMI LOVE CLUB: Bronte + Clay and Stem

Here at SAINT LUMI, we are all for women in business and life setting the path for their own success and doing what makes them happy (really, really happy). We are also all for self-care and self-love so we decided to ask some super incredible women about their lives and their favourite ways to show a little self-care.
If you’re after beautiful ceramics hand-made with heart (and a very aesthetically pleasing instagram feed – I could live in her studio, the space is that dreamy), Clay and Stem should be your go-to. We chat to Bronte, a ceramist from the small town of Camden with a passion for travel and a good bubble bath.
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Tell us about yourself and the story of Clay and Stem. 

So I grew up in the lovely town of Camden and have a background in the events industry. I started taking pottery classes a few years ago and fell in love. It was a midweek escape, for me to meditate and calm my mind – I feel so zen when I have clay in my hands. I then bought my own second hand wheel and continued to practice and refine my skills. Obviously 2020 has been such a wild year however, it gave me the perfect opportunity to launch my little dream biz! I still have so much more to learn but am grateful for the support so far and am so excited for this journey to unfold.

Any advice for anyone out there thinking of starting a business or a brand? 

I think if it is something you are passionate about then go for it, we have a tendency to ‘wait for the right time’ but there will never be a right time – back yourself - you got this girl!

Where do you find your inspiration? 

I am in awe of this earth and all of the magic that surrounds us so I draw a lot of inspiration from the elements, whether it be earth, with tone and texture or water, embracing fluidity and changing forms. I also recently travelled to Italy and France and have always had a thing for ancient history, I fell in love with the sculptures and the rich history and culture I felt and witnessed in these places so I wanted to bring a little of that home with me.


The hardest part of starting out / being a business owner and how you overcame any challenges/stay motivated? 

Having your own business is hard, and can at times be overwhelming – there needs to be a balance of work and relax to give your brain time to switch off (easier said than done). I definitely recommend just starting with a few products and perfecting those first as a core foundation and then thinking about introducing new elements later on as both yourself and the business naturally evolve. Also stay on top of the admin (as boring as it is), it can get overwhelming if you don’t dedicate some time to it!

Tell us about your AM routine eg skin products, routines and rituals? 

So after returning home from travelling overseas long term my skin was a mess. I have been using Clinique recently and am loving it.  I cleanse, tone, apply face and eye serums and my Smith’s Daughter Cloudless oil! I recently bought one of the Saint Lumi Face rollers and a Gua sha so I am super excited to include those too! 

And now your PM routine? 

Coming home from a day of clay straight into the shower or my favourite mid week bath – clay is a messy art! Skincare routine is pretty much the same as the AM ha! But might add in a face mask if I am feeling fancy. Followed by a yummy dinner and a relax!

Three skin care, beauty or wellness items you couldn't bear to live without? 

My bath tub is my favourite time out, filled with Epsom salts, some oil and bubbles and the occasional cheeky red wine. My second is cuticle oil, being a ceramicist really dries out the cuticles so I put this on most nights. I also have been loving the Moisture Surge Lip Balm lately!

What does self-love/self-care mean to you?

I mean running a business and with recently starting back working casually as well – I must admit I do let the self care slip a touch. My July goals are to try and fit in exercise 4 times a week, do a daily 15-minute meditation each morning and keep up my skincare routines – this is my self care! I think self love intertwines with self care, the more time I put into these things the more confident I feel! Also positive self talk, manifesting and believing in yourself are key!

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