• LUMI LOVE CLUB : Courtney + Bend by Courtney

    LUMI LOVE CLUB : Courtney + Bend by Courtney

    It’s been quite some time since our last Lumi Love Club and a lot has happened in the world since then. So when we stumbled across an Instagram page with the most gorgeous calming and grounding vibes we just had to know more about the lovely person who created it. Courtney created Bend by Courtney as a space to encourage others to look after...
  • LUMI LOVE CLUB : Lauren + Oh Hey Sugar Sweet Treats

    Happy 2021! It's been a hot minute since our last LUMI LOVE CLUB post but we are back with the sweetest of stories. Today we chat to the lovely Lauren, who juggles an Executive Assistant role at a busy bank and a sweet treats side hustle as well as being a mama to two gorgeous children. Lauren talks about saying yes, why confidence is...
  • LUMI LOVE CLUB: Sarah + Willo Smith Styling

    LUMI LOVE CLUB: Sarah + Willo Smith Styling

    Today, we chat to Sarah, a personal stylist and founder of Willo Smith Styling. Sarah is a gorgeous boss-mama of two boys who discovered that her passion for making other women feel beautiful was worth pursuing. Her dreamy insta feed will give you a dose of style envy (in the best way of course).  Sarah; Willo Smith Styling  @willosmithstyling Tell us about yourself and the...
  • LUMI LOVE CLUB: Krystal Brooke + @krystal.brooke

    LUMI LOVE CLUB: Krystal Brooke + @krystal.brooke

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    Lumi Love Club Part Six sees us chat to Krystal; content creator and Mama of three gorgeous girls. We chat about setting an example to her daughters about self-care and self-love, about learning from set-backs and her AM and PM skincare routine. KRYSTAL; @krystal.brooke   Tell us about yourself and your journey. I’m Krystal! Wife to Ben and Mum of three girls. I love...
  • LUMI LOVE CLUB: Anita + Est. 90

    LUMI LOVE CLUB: Anita + Est. 90

    Part 5 of Lumi Love Club and today we chat to Anita; the owner of the very gorgeous boutique Est. 90. Anita gives us the run-down of her favourite ways to partake in self-care (we're here for it!), her skincare regime and her love of fashion and retail as well as shedding some valuable insight on starting a successful business (there's no time like...
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