No, we’re not tricky little mind readers nor do we have a crystal ball, we just knew you were going to ask these questions. Have a squiz and if there is something we haven’t covered, feel free to send a little love note to our Customer Care Team at They’d love to hear from you. Although if you’re wanting to know what’s for dinner tonight, you’re better off asking your mum. Or don’t, because we all know that’s a mum’s least favourite question.
First of all congrats and good luck growing all of those fingers and toes. Although our skin tools are non-invasive and very good for you (if we don’t say so ourselves), it’s best to check with your doctor or health care professional before use.

Animals are cute. And clever. And they have feelings. That’s why SAINT LUMI doesn’t use any animal products or derivatives and will never (EVER) test on animals.

To keep it short and sweet, you’ll use your skin tool with a facial oil or serum and with light pressure, scrape or roll (depending on whether you are using a gua sha tool or a roller) in an outwards and upwards pressure over your décolletage, neck and face. You’ll find super helpful and detailed HOW-TO instructions on each product page.

Gua sha: - Contours and decreases puffiness through lymphatic drainage. Can also relieve any facial tension or pain (goodbye 3pm headache).
Rollers: Helps your products penetrate further into your skin (ie. maximizing their benefits). Reduced puffiness and inflammation are bonuses.
Mushrooms: Increases lymph drainage and decreases puffiness seen under the eyes. Pairs perfectly with your eye serum or cream. The perfect pick-me-up for tired eyes.
All of your skin tools are best used after applying a facial oil or serum. Using the tool on bare skin will cause your skin to drag and we all know what that means. We don’t? Skin drag = wrinkles and abrasions. That’s a big no from us.
For maximum benefits (read: de-puffing, smoothing and lymphatic drainage), we recommend using your skin tools once to twice a day. If you ask us, they’re an easy addition to your AM and PM routine. That being said, partake in some SAINT LUMI self-care as much as your skin-savvy heart desires. We won’t stop you.
A soft, microfiber cloth can be used to wipe your skin tool clean after use. For a deeper clean, the tool can also be gently wiped over with soap and water. Handle with care as dropping from a height may cause your skin tool to chip or crack.
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