LUMI LOVE CLUB: Sarah + Willo Smith Styling


Today, we chat to Sarah, a personal stylist and founder of Willo Smith Styling. Sarah is a gorgeous boss-mama of two boys who discovered that her passion for making other women feel beautiful was worth pursuing. Her dreamy insta feed will give you a dose of style envy (in the best way of course). 

Sarah; Willo Smith Styling 


Tell us about yourself and the story of Willo Smith Styling.

My name is Sarah - I’m 37, Mum to two gorgeous boys and wife. My business is called Willo Smith Styling as it the combination of the old and the new. Willo was my nickname growing up and still till this day get called it by nearest and dearest and Smith is my married name. Willo Smith Styling started after my strong passion of making women feel beautiful not only on the inside but also in the clothes they wear. So like many clients I work with we blend the old and the new them to complete their style. For my whole life I have worked in jobs that make women feel good. I am a hairdresser by trade and worked for many years within this industry the feeling you get when create a new look for a client is what drives me to then go forward into the fashion industry where I grew on my Personal Styling and many years being in the thick of the fashion industry.
Any advice for anyone out there thinking of starting a business or a brand? 

If your heart is in it then it will never feel like work but more living your passion.
There will definitely be ups and downs along the way, I went into the first couple of years with a 'say yes think about it later' attitude that saw me do things I never thought where possible starting out.

Where do you find your inspiration? 

I’m always on hahaha My down time is scrolling Pinterest or Instagram saving and pinning things that inspire my creative side. I also seek inspo from my clients each and every one of them inspires me to keep going and bettering myself at what I do.


The hardest part of starting out and how you overcame any challenges/stay motivated? 

The hardest part is believing in yourself and your ability. I learnt in the beginning to dance to the beat of your own drum. Follow your heart and what you believe in, be authentic. The thing that motivates me to keep going is when I get positive feedback from clients or even my followers it really fills up the tank to keep pushing.

Tell us about your AM routine e.g. skin products, routines and rituals?

I love a little selfcare. So mornings consist of me taking my GLOW powder by Beauty Chef as I get older I honestly feel that taking care of myself on the inside really shows on the outside. My ritual is also getting myself to the gym most days, it is my outlet switch off for that time.

And now your PM routine? 

Kids to bed them Mummy time. A nice hot shower cleanse with ALPHAH then apply one of my favourite serums: Estee Lauder night repair serum. If I’m getting all fancy I love to do a face mask from Go-to Skincare.

Three skin care, beauty or wellness items you couldn't bear to live without? 

Beauty Chef GLOW powder and collagen inner beauty boost.
 Krumble foods Beauty bites the best on the run snack.
Essential oils to calm the soul.

What does self-love/self-care mean to you? Is it an important part of your day or something that may fall by the wayside?

As a Mum and business owner I can definitely let this fall by the wayside more often then I should. It means a lot to me and even in my work that as women we give back to ourselves without feeling guilty for doing so. So making time for myself actually makes me a better person. Going to the gym daily helps my mental state of mind and just being able to switch of the outside world whilst moving my body is something I cant live without as I get older. I dream of facial days and I try hard to fit them in when I can, when my skin is glowing I feel my mood glows as well. Even a walk down by the water when life’s becomes all that little to much being by the water is my happy place. We need to all try and give a little back to ourselves where ever we can.

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