LUMI LOVE CLUB: Krystal Brooke + @krystal.brooke

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Lumi Love Club Part Six sees us chat to Krystal; content creator and Mama of three gorgeous girls. We chat about setting an example to her daughters about self-care and self-love, about learning from set-backs and her AM and PM skincare routine.

KRYSTAL; @krystal.brooke


Tell us about yourself and your journey.

I’m Krystal! Wife to Ben and Mum of three girls. I love being a mum, love encouraging other women to live a happy and fun life, we love travelling and capturing our memories! 

Any advice for anyone out there thinking of starting a blog, business or a brand?

Just start!!! Don’t overthink it! If you are passionate about it, give it a go! What’s the worst that could happen! You have to take the first step for something to happen! 

Where do you find your inspiration?

Oh gosh! Everywhere! I love travel, I love creation and all its beauty! And the different expressions of it! People inspire me, places inspire me... honestly I think there’s inspiration all around us!

The hardest part of starting out and how you overcame any challenges?

There will be setbacks and people who don’t support you - no matter what! Can be hard to stay motivated when this happens... but I always try and remind myself of why I do what I do! It’s not for the approval of others but because I love it and enjoy it. I try to learn from setbacks, take the lesson and grow from it! 

Tell us about your AM routine eg skin products, routines and rituals? 

In the morning it’s usually quite busy- so I keep it simple. I cleanse and then pop on my A serum from ASAP, a vitamin B serum currently using O Cosmedics, and I used tinted moisturiser with SPF in it! That is an essential! 

And now your PM routine?

I double cleanse every night. I absolutely LOVE SWISSE Beauty face wash. It just works for my skin. Then I use my Rose Quartz Roller with my Organic Rituals collagen and vitamin C serum, rosehip oil from SWISSE beauty and some Yarrow Pom oil from Doterra. 

Three skin care, beauty or wellness items you couldn't bear to live without?

SOO hard. But I have to say, my tinted sunscreen, tan and a good cleanser! 

What does self-love/self-care mean to you? Is it an important part of your day or something that may fall by the wayside?  

Gosh, it is SO important to me! My personality is always on the go. I actually find it hard to sit still, so if I don’t incorporate some self care to my day and my week, I get run down and cranky! I do things that are self-care not just for me, but so I can be a happy, healthy, wife, mum, friend. And to set an example to my 3 girls of the importance of caring for yourself on every level! Caring for myself helps me care for them! It’s now just a non negotiable for me! It’s part of my daily/weekly habits and routine. We should never feel bad or guilty for prioritizing our own body/mind/spirit!!! 

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